Allee Willis

Allee Willis

Songwriter, Performer & Visual Artist

Grammy, Tony, Emmy, Webby, Song Writer Hall of Fame Award Winning songwriter, performer, visual artist and pioneer of synthesizers in pop music ALLEE WILLIS has a very unusual and vivid approach to visual imagery for audio. She has been inspired by everything from motors to pigeons in the use of sounds on a gaziilion hit projects. From Earth, Wind & Fire's iconic September (records) to The Pointers Sisters Neutron Dance (film) to Color Purple (Broadway) to Friends (TV) - Allee Willis has a treasure trove of knowledge and insight into the creative process, and creative communication. She is the very definition of a traiilblazing female in a male dominated industry. She presents a sonic and visual smorgasbord for all songwriters & composers.

Session: Charting Your Own Path

ALLEE WILLIS presents her unique approach to the visual imagery of synthesis and the use of sound as inspiration for songwriters.

Date/Time: TBA

Dave Smith

DSI President

Legendary instrument designer and Grammy-winner Dave Smith founded Sequential Circuits in 1974. In 1977 Dave designed the Prophet-5, the world’s first fully-programmable polyphonic synth—and the first musical instrument with an embedded microprocessor. Sequential released many innovative instruments and drum machines over the next 10 years. Dave is known as the driving force behind the MIDI specification in 1981. It was Dave, in fact, who coined the acronym. In 1987 he was named a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) for his continuing work in music synthesis. After Sequential, Dave was President of DSD, Inc, an R&D division of Yamaha, where he worked on physical modeling synthesis and software synthesizer concepts. He then started the Korg R&D group in California, producing the Wavestation and other technology.

He took over as President at Seer Systems and developed the first soft synth for Intel in 1994, followed by the first professional soft synth, Reality, which was released in 1997. Realizing the limitations of software, Dave returned to hardware and started Dave Smith Instruments, starting with the Evolver hybrid analog/digital synthesizer in 2002. The product lineup has grown to include the Prophet X, Prophet Rev2, Prophet-6, OB-6 (with Tom Oberheim), Pro 2, and Prophet 12 synthesizers, and the Tempest drum machine (with Roger Linn). In 2018 DSI changed its name to Sequential, bringing Dave’s legacy full-circle.

Session: Digital thru Analog, Then & Now

Over the years, synths have varied from full analog (Minimoog/Prophet 5) to full digital (DX7/M1), with a lot of hybrid combinations along the way (Emulator/Prophet VS). And continuing arguments from purists on all sides! These days we are fortunate to have a wide range of synths and synth technology to choose from, but for me the key is always the analog filters. There's something magic about running digital through analog, especially in poly synths. I'll be discussing different instruments over the years, and demonstrating the Prophet X as a current example of digital through analog.

Date/Time: TBA

Craig Anderton

Author, Musician, Producer

Craig Anderton is a well-known authority on electronic music and music making technology and he has written an astonishing 26 books on music and has contributed more than a thousand articles for magazines such as; Electronic Musician, Keyboard, Sound on Sound, Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, and many more publications. In the mid 80’s, Craig co-founded Electronic Musician magazine and he continues to write articles for several industry magazines and contributes often to music related websites. Craig has played on, produced, or mastered over 20 major label recordings, did studio session work in New York City during the 70’s, playing both keys & guitar. Craig has played Carnegie Hall which is every musicians dream, and most recently, he has mastered well over a hundred tracks for a variety of artists.

Craig has also been a forerunner in the online community with his "Sound, Studio, and Stage" Forum and that has been going strong with over a million posts since 1995. It is currently hosted on www.harmonycentral.com, where Craig is the Editorial Director. Craig has given speaking engagements on music technology in 38 out of 50 states, in 10 countries, and in three languages. Anderton maintains an active career doing; mastering, writing, video production, mixing, and performing, and he still finds time to be an Executive Vice President for Gibson Brands.

Session: Breaking the Rules of EDM

Craig will take you on a journey exploring ways to carve out your own niche sound and give you insight on how to break all the rules of EDM music making.

Date/Time: TBA

Shelly Peiken

Shelly Peiken

Multi-platinum Grammy nominated songwriter

Shelly Peiken (pEYE ken) is a multi-platinum Grammy nominated songwriter who is best known for #1 hits "What a Girl Wants" and "Come On Over Baby". She earned a GRAMMY nomination for the song "Bitch" recorded by Meredith Brooks and has had hundreds of songs placed on albums, and in TV and film.

Her book Confessions of a Serial Songwriter led to a second GRAMMY nomination for Best Spoken Word Album. She writes about coming of age, the creative process, the highs and the lows, the conflicts that arise between adulthood and career success, the competition and of course, the lovely people she found along the way.

Shelly’s Serial Songwriter Facebook page has become a forum for all things songwriting and ideas about navigating a changing music business as a creative person.

Shelly Peiken is a music industry mentor, panelist, consultant, guest speaker and a fierce advocate of creators' rights as a founding member of SONA (Songwriters Of North America).

Session: Confessions of a Serial Songwriter LIVE!

Shelly Peiken will take you on a journey from when she was young girl and was spell bound by magical songs, to then becoming a (serial) professional songwriter, who wrote a string of her own incredible hits. She will also talk about her creative process and share real wisdom about balancing the conflicts between motherhood and career success and much more. You won’t want to miss the incredible Shelly Peiken!

Date/Time: TBA

Russell Brower

Emmy Award winning Sound Designer

Russell Brower is a three-time Emmy Award winner, Composer, Musical Director and Conductor. For over a decade, Brower was the Senior Director of Audio and Lead Composer at Blizzard Entertainment, developer and publisher of the World of Warcraft, Diablo III, StarCraft II, Overwatch and Hearthstone franchises. Previously, Brower served as a Principal Media Designer and Music Director at Walt Disney Imagineering, creators of Disney's theme parks worldwide. As an independent composer and sound artist, he has worked on such projects as Animaniacs, Batman: The Animated Series and many other series, specials and films. He serves on the Boards of Directors of the Society of Composers & Lyricists and the Game Audio Network Guild and is a member of NATAS and NARAS, and is a Film Scoring instructor for the UCLA Extension Program. "Invincible", from his score for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, made its first appearance in the Classic FM Hall of Fame Top 300 in April 2014 at no 52.

Session: The Art of Orchestration - From Synth to Live and Back Again

The orchestration experiments realized first with a modest, homebuilt synthesizer laid the groundwork for a career with live orchestras and choirs; now the reverse is true and more inspiring than ever.

Date/Time: TBA

Michael Lehmann Boddicker

Co Founder of Synthplex

Dr. Michael Lehmann Boddicker is a composer, producer, synthesist, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and a founding member of Synthplex. He currently produces & composes music and audio for film at Sol7Post.com in Encino, CA. Sol7Post has mixed & dubbed projects such as Motley Crue’s The End, The 33, Southpaw, Herb Alpert’s Grammy-nominated Human Nature, as well as his most recent single Copa Cabana. Michael has scored major theatrical films, written for commercials, designed/programmed sounds, and has produced and played on thousands of records, movies and advertising. He has owned sound design companies, recording/mix facilities, and musical instrument rental companies in Los Angeles and Nashville. He sits on the board of The Society of Composers & Lyricists and is The Chair of The Hollywood Sapphire Group, the predecessor to the AES. Dr. Lehmann Boddicker gives educational presentations around the world for IMSTA, Broadjam, Gearfest, Knobcon and now, Synthplex. Michael is still very much on the forefront of all-things-synthesizer, both as a creative force and an ambassador for synthesis and the music industry as a whole.

Session: Synthesis 101: The Basics of Subtractive & Additive Synthesis

Michael will present an in-depth session for beginners on the basics of synthesis.

Date/Time: TBA

Jamie Lee Wilson

Jamie Lee Wilson and Craig Hendry

Singer, Songwriter & Producer

JVMIE’s emotive, alt electronic sound is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer Jamie Lee Wilson, whose single “Back 2 Love” skyrocketed to #2 on the Billboard Club Charts. Born and raised on Australia’s Gold Coast, Jamie started singing at 7. By the time she graduated highschool she didn't even have time to attend her prom as she had a performance on the same night. She went on to study at the Conservatorium of Music majoring in Jazz voice, all the while honing her song writing craft and performing extensively. Leaving Australia to spread her wings she landed in London where a friend introduced her to the dance scene. On release of her track Fuel to the Fire with Dutch producer Jesse Voorn, the song was featured on Dave Audé’s radio show in the US. A month later Jamie was in the studio with Dave in LA recording what would become their US Billboard Club Chart smash. 2018 saw JVMIE grace the Billboard Charts again with 'Chasing' released on Universal Music Group and recently picked up for a feature film, ‘I’ll Give You the World’ on Dim Mak which was featured as track of the week on both Apple Music and iTunes and her latest release ‘Timeless’ with legendary dance music producer Darude.

Session: Finding Your Sound: Working Both Sides of the Mic

Jamie Lee Wilson and Craig Hendry met while studying at the Conservatorium of Music in Australia. They parted ways to perform across the globe separately and reunited several years later in Los Angeles. From performing in the worlds top venues to writing and recording platinum selling hits and arranging for vocalists, they’ve worked on both sides of the microphone. They’ll elaborate on what it takes to find your sound, how to get the best out of working with a vocalist and how to navigate your way in the new music business.

Date/Time: TBA

Marc Doty

Buchla Historian and Product Specialist, Synthesizer Aficionado.

Marc Doty is an electronic musical instrument historian, music educator, & composer who has spent the last 33 years teaching about the history & functionality of synthesizers. Marc is degreed in both music education & composition and after graduating, Marc worked as a composer for theater, sketch comedy, and commercial music.

Marc started his vintage synthesizer & music education channel in 2006, called Automatic Gainsay on YouTube. Automatic Gainsay was one of the first synthesizer demo channels, and today viewership exceeds 10 million.

In 2011, Marc was hired as Archive & Education Specialist for the Bob Moog Foundation where he put his extensive knowledge of synthesis and synthesizer history to use and he played a role in preserving and promoting Bob Moog’s incredible legacy. At the BMF Marc was able to study documents directly from Bob Moog’s personal archive. With this experience, Marc became an true expert in the history of Bob Moog and the Moog synthesizers.

Marc has lectured, sat on panels, and moderated panels at; NAMM, Moogfest, Knobcon, SOS Magazine’s SynthFest, Asheville Electro-Music Festival, as well as on the Internet at macProVideo.com.. Marc has also written articles for Keyboard & Performer Magazines.

Session: Electronic Music as Performance Art: The Fascinating History of Buchla

An exploration of the fascinating history of Don Buchla, and how he worked to create musical instruments for the expressive performance of Electronic Music.

Date/Time: TBA

Guy Moon

LA Based Composer

Guy Moon is a Los Angeles based composer. His Film Scores include John Grisham’s Mickey, The Crash (2017), The Way She Moves, The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel. Additional score credits: Mystic Pizza, Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, Fight Club, & Black Knight. Song arrangements can be found in Films such as An American Tale, Pagemaster, and Doctor Doolittle II.

Scoring Credits for Television Series include Dreamworks' The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Nickelodeon’s Fairly Odd Parents, Back at the Barnyard, Big Time Rush, 100 Things To Do Before High School, Danny Phantom, Tak and the Power of JuJu, Chalk Zone, Cartoon Network's The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Hanna-Barbera’s Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and The Addams Family.

Moon has garnered 4 Prime Time Emmy® Nominations, 3 Daytime Emmy® Nominations, 7 BMI TV Music Awards, 1 ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, an ACE Award Best Song nomination for Glory, Glory, 7 Annie nominations and a win for Outstanding Music in a Television Production for The Fairly Odd Parents, and won Best Score Award in the 168 Film Festival 2017.

Session: Scoring For Animation In & 'Out Of The Box'

Discussing the process, challenges and benefits of scoring for Animation with only a computer

Date/Time: TBA

Abe Duque and Marco Di Prima

Abe Duque & Marco Di Prima

Techno music composer and remix legend

Abe Duque's career started in the early days of house at the notorious Limelight in New York, he has been at the head of the acid house and underground techno table since his earliest releases way back in 1993. Having been dragged out of the underground, Duque found himself feted by the mainstream, delivering hugely successful remixes for the Chemical Brothers and Pet Shop Boys while continuing to work right across the techno world with acts such as Miss Kittin, Remute, Chloe, Savas Pascalidis, Knart IV and Daniel Meteo – as well as DJ Hell, with Duque becoming a regular on Hell's International DJ Gigolos label. Fast forward and 8 years of instructing music production at the NY based electronic music and DJ school Dubspot, Abe meets Marco Di Prima and they immediately realize their shared energy and obsession with modular synth and live techno. Two accelerated particles meet in the large hadron collider - the collaboration ‘Duque Di Prima’ has been unleashed.

Session: Techno - From Production to Performance

Abe and Marco will take you through their methods of producing techno tracks in Ableton Live and show you how to create a hybrid setup with modular synthesizers for performing live.

Date/Time: TBA

Chris Meyer

Author, synthesis teacher & synth guru

As a teenager in the 1970s, Chris Meyer took lessons on piano, bass...and modular synthesizer. He went on to work for Sequential Circuits, Digidesign, Marion Systems (Tom Oberheim), and eventually to be chief engineer at Roland R&D US. Projects he was involved in include the Sequential Prophet 2000, Prophet VS, and Studio 440, Digidesign Q-Sheet, and Roland DM-80, although he is perhaps best known for developing Vector Synthesis.

He wrote numerous articles for Music Technology Magazine plus a column for Keyboard, and was technical chairman of the MIDI Manufacturers Association, where he created MIDI Timecode, the Sample Dump Standard, and other extensions to the MIDI specification. After a few-decade detour in the video and film industry, he has returned to modular synthesis, creating videos, courses, and articles under the name Learning Modular. In addition to his own LearningModular.com web site, he has channels on YouTube, Patreon, and Facebook. Most recently he co-wrote the new book on modular synthesis, Patch & Tweak.

Session A: The Secret History of Modular Synthesis

Take a humorous, insightful, and occasionally controversial trip through time, learning what early developments shaped the instruments we play today – and which good ideas we seem to have forgotten.

Date/Time: TBA

Session B: Vector Synthesis and the Prophet VS

Hear how Vector Synthesis came to be, including the inside story of how the Prophet VS was developed – the good, the bad, and the regrets.

Date/Time: TBA

Fletcher Beasley

LA Based Composer & Multi-Instrumentalist

Fletcher Beasley is a composer who writes music for film, television, commercials, video games, and interactive exhibits. His credits include Amazon’s The Last Tycoon, Cartoon Networks’ Scooby Doo: Mystery, Inc., Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, and the Emmy award winning mini-series World Without End. A pioneering video game composer, Fletcher started his career writing music for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. He has released two albums of cinematic electronic music which are available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon and other music streaming services.

Fletcher has played in ensembles varying from jazz to classical, rock, R&B, and the avante garde and worked as a composer, producer, player, synthesizer programmer, orchestrator, arranger and mixer. He teaches courses on film composition for UCLA Extension’s Film Scoring Program where he was named 2015 Outstanding Instructor. He also teaches courses in sound for film and music production at Santa Monica College and Cal State Long Beach. He is a board member of the Society of Composers & Lyricists, the oldest organization for media composers in the United States, where he serves as chair of the seminar committee.

Session: Ten Tips to Make You Faster and More Efficient on Your DAW

Modern DAWs are powerful instruments for making music. But their complexities can derail the creative process and impede artistic flow. This talk provides specific techniques for keeping you productive.

Date/Time: TBA

Lawrence Grey

Producer, Educator & Ableton Certified Trainer

Producer and educator Lawrence Grey founded Young Producers Group in 2013 to bring music technology into K-12 schools and bring disparate communities together in the process. After working at an alternatives to incarceration center in Brooklyn called the Center for Community Alternatives, Lawrence saw how different socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences can bring people together when they're working on a piece of music. With electronic music already serving as connective tissue between the youth in all corners of the world, Lawrence saw an opportunity to make this connection tangible and productive with YPG. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in music from NYU with a focus on electronic music composition, he went to UCLA and got a masters degree in education. Today, Lawrence works with his team to bring music tech programs to 11 schools and 5 nonprofits across Los Angeles with several new programs in the works.

Lawrence also puts out records and regularly DJs around Los Angeles. Whether it's through techno or setting up programs in schools, Lawrence's focus is always around using music to fight ignorance, bring people together, and revel in the infinite beauty of music production.

Session: Ableton Live 101

Learn how to use Ableton Live music production software to make original music.

Date/Time: TBA

Sophia and Ronit

Sofia Hultquist & Ronit Kirchman

Composers & visionary performers

SOFIA HULQUIST is an Italian composer, sound artist & performer. She received her Undergraduate Degree from Berklee College of Music (Film Scoring & Composition) and Masters Degree (Music Technology) from NYU. Inspired by interesting sounds and cinematic elements, Drum & Lace melds together sampled field recordings and lush layers of synths to create densely textural and beat-heavy music, greatly drawing from film music, music concrete and modern electronica. Her ambient and chamber work also gathers inspiration from nature & natural sounds, as well as the juxtaposition of unlikely sounds with one another.

RONIT KIRCHMAN is a composer, music producer, songwriter, singer, electronic artist, and multi-instrumentalist. She creates music for film and television, theater and dance, multimedia installations, and the concert stage. She performs internationally and is also an accomplished visual artist and author. Recognized in the press as “an extremely original voice” with “a virtuoso touch”, and “a truly unique force in the entertainment industry”, Ronit is the composer for the riveting Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated television series The Sinner. Kirchman graduated magna cum laude from Yale and holds an MFA in Composition/New Media from CalArts.

Links for Sofia

Links for Ronit

Session: Scoring for Film and Media

Sofia and Ronit will take you through the art of using musical compositions to drive a listener’s experience.

Date/Time: TBA

Javad Butah

Ableton Brand Manager & Push Expert

Javad Butah is a Los Angeles-based musician, composer, producer, and educator. Javad holds a Masters Degree in Music from the California Institute of the Arts.

Javad has toured for over 20 years, performing as a solo artist as well as accompanying world-renowned musicians in distinguished venues domestically as well as abroad. The Los Angeles Times has called Javad "…a young, flashy, spectacular tabla player..." and the New York Times described Javad as being "...in virtuosic form…"

As an educator, Javad has built successful music programs based on not only teaching the practical applications of music production using the latest technology, but also integrating music theory, which he believes broadens their knowledge of the creative process.

Javad uses Ableton Live to create a blend of music that borrows from his love of both classical world music as well as contemporary sounds and techniques. As a brand manager for Ableton, Javad tours the United States giving lectures and demonstrations.

Session: Diving Deep into Ableton Push

Javad will take you deep into the capabilities of Ableton Push 2, wavetable synthsis and surround sound.

Date/Time: TBA

Chuck Jonkey

Adventurer, Composer, Musician, Filmmaker

Chuck Jonkey is an adventurer/ composer/ musician/ filmmaker who transforms his wild experiences into sound, music and film. Chuck's exotic adventures have taken him to the furthest reaches of primitive worlds, he is referred to as an "ethnomusicianthropologist". Chuck travels around the world in search of adventures among the world's most isolated tribal groups. His expeditions have taken him to the deep Amazon and rainforest of Thailand, Costa Rica, Borneo, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, Papua New Guinea and Mexico. Chuck's travels have also taken him to West Africa, French Polynesia, Russia, China, India, and many other countries.

Chuck is the owner of the independent record Label Sonic Safari Music. He has produced and published over 110 CD's of exotic music as well as producing several TV shows and documentaries and he is an active member of the Los Angeles "Adventurer's Club." Chuck has invented many exotic musical instruments.

Chuck recently composed 5 hours of original music for Disneyland, Shanghai's "Adventure Island". He also worked on "Pandora", The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Chuck performed with the Manhattan Transfer on their CD "The offbeat of Avenues" (they recorded one of his songs - "The Quietude"). The same song was re-recorded with a full orchestra on the Manhattan Transferer's CD "The Symphony Sessions". Chuck was invited by Ravi Shankar to play with him at the National Cathedral in Washington DC.

Session: Tribal Percussion - The Original Organic Synthesis

Explore new concepts of rhythmic composition by examining tribal traditions. Create your own organic instruments from wood, glass, stone, bamboo & even balloons.

Date/Time: TBA

Alan Howarth

Alan Howarth

Composer, Sound Designer & Sound FX Artist

Composer and Sound Designer Alan Howarth began his sonic journey in Cleveland, Ohio, playing music in local rock bands: Tree Stumps, Renaissance Faire, and The Silk on ABC records. These bands opened opened for national touring acts such as:The Who, and Cream. Howarth's original bands in Cleveland were Braino and Pi Corp. He was a founding partner in Pi Keyboards and Audio, a pioneering synthesizer and pro audio shop.

He also provided keyboard synthesizer tour support for Joseph Zawinul of the fusion jazz band, Weather Report, beginning in 1976, which relocated him to LA. The major breakthrough for Alan was in 1979, when he met the sound effects team for Star Trek-The Motion Picture, launching him as a sound designer for the following 6 Star Trek feature films. Alan's next milestone was the film Escape From New York where he collaborated on music scoring with the director, John Carpenter, then continuing to work on scores for: Halloween 2-6, Christine, Big Trouble in Little China, Prince of Darkness and They Live. His award-winning Sound Design work placed him on the Oscar-winning sound effects teams for The Hunt for Red October and Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola. He was the sound designer for an innovative 48.6 multi-channel sound system that evolved into today's immersive multi-channel theatrical speaker array systems like Dolby Atmos.

Firmly established as a producer, film composer, and sound designer, he continues to be a sonic visionary today researching and creating patents for Natural Frequency Resonance Music wellness sound applications and cutting-edge immersive spatial audio designs for Virtual and Mixed Reality content.

Session: Natural Frequency Music and Sound Design

Alan Howarth shares his 25 year research into the Natural Frequencies of Nature and Ancient Architecture as it relates to music and sound designs that resonate to the mind, body and spirit.

Date/Time: TBA

Cindy and Tom

Cindy Reichel & Tom Butcher

Partners of Patchwerks in Seattle

Cindy Reichel and Tom Butcher are co-founders of the Seattle-based synthesizer boutique PATCHWERKS, which specializes in community-building, education, and retail for electronic music instruments. Both founders are technology and innovations leaders in the Pacific Northwest, and both also have a deep love for music and audio expression using electronics.

Cindy Reichel, a musician and a biotechnologist, is a frequent live performer throughout the Northwest, utilizing an improvisational approach to composition with both modular and traditional hardware synthesizers. She enjoys teaching and conducting workshops for a variety of audiences of all skill levels.

Patchwerks’s other co-founder Tom Butcher is an award-winning technology leader in music, audio, media, AI, and large-scale distributed systems. Tom prides himself in sharing his skills and knowledge with others, inspiring everyone to express themselves however they see fit. Tom performs and releases music regularly with his projects CODEBASE, ORQID, and SIGNAL CORPS.

Most recently, Cindy and Tom fused their expression together in the new act DAHLIIA, harnessing electronics including modular synthesizers and sampling of the avant-garde classical heroes to paint a picture of today’s future.

Session: Noisy Kids (for children only)

Noisy Kids is an opportunity for hands-on learning and play for young synthesizer enthusiasts, presented by Patchwerks. Multiple stations will be available featuring kid-friendly keyboards, electronic percussion and modular gear catering specifically to youth.

Date/Time: TBA

Gerd Peun

Gerd Peun

Analog Synth builder, designer & performer

Since the 70’s Gerd Peun has built-up analogue 5U modular synthesizers and after a break for a couple of decades, at which time Gerd was involved in video production and technology, such as creating a video synthesizer, and in 2003 Gerd began again to develop modular synthesizers under the brand name CLUB OF THE KNOBS. Since then, Gerd has further developed his COTK synthesizer systems which now include nearly 100 different modules and Gerd is a pioneer and a bit of a legend in the 5U world and he embodies the true spirit of being an analogue sound creator.

Session: The Magic and the Challenges of Voltage Controlled Sound

The aim of this session is to show the participants the underlying philosophy and strategy of sound generation through these amazing modules that are forming an overall system - together with generations on the path of continuous evolution of true analog electronic music production!

Date/Time: TBA

Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher

Director of Product Optimization @ Sweetwater

Daniel Fisher has been programming synths since 1976. He studied Analog synthesis on a Moog System 55 and a Putney VCS3 in 1980, at Northern Illinois University. In 1981 Daniel signed up for the US Army and was trained in Digital Multi-Channel Communication, but was soon discovered and sent to the US Army School of Music. Fisher then traveled across Europe with the 84th Army Band, and later became the keyboardist for The United States Army Rock Band.

After the Army, Daniel received two degrees from Berklee College of Music (Music Production & Engineering, and Music Synthesis) graduating Cum Laud. Fisher was a Soundware Engineer for Kurzweil (Young Chang) during the early ‘90s, and was then hired by Chuck Surack (president of Sweetwater Sound) to be their Director Of Soundware Engineering, where he made 31 CD-ROMs for Kurzweil, E-Mu, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis.

Fisher then was an Associate Professor of Music Synthesis at Berklee for five years before, once again, being recruited by Chuck at Sweetwater to create synthesizer soundware and videos. Daniel also teaches Music Synthesis at Purdue University in Fort Wayne. Fisher’s latest project was the Owners Manual for the Moog One Polyphonic Synthesizer.

Session: Sure Fire Synthesizer Programming Strategies

Daniel Fisher reveals his never-fail synth programming tricks for quickly building the presets of your dreams by starting from an initialized preset. Tricks include the best ways to set your modulation parameters, some preset name and file name tricks to make everything findable, and effects tricks to create huge stereo ambiances.

Date/Time: Thursday & Sunday (Times to be announced)

Electronium Panel

Stan Warnow, Darren Davison, Jack Hertz & Brian Kehew

Raymond Scott Electronium Panel

Stan Warnow is Raymond Scott’s only son and a career film professional, mainly working as an editor, including many music-centric films such as; Woodstock (Academy Award-winning), Hair, No Nukes and Music From the Inside Out. As a filmmaker he directed and produced Deconstructing Dad, his 2010 award-winning documentary about his father. More recently he co-produced Scottworks - The Raymond Scott Festival which showcased his father's life and works.

Darren Davison is an engineer with extensive technical knowledge of the Electronium from his multi-year restoration effort. Darren has unique knowledge of the Electronium technical components.

Jack Hertz is an artist/programmer/synthesist; producer of the Aural Films' digital album Biography: Raymond Scott compilation; curator of the Encyclotronic electronic music archive, creator of his own software Electronium model.

Brian Kehew is an author and engineer/producer who specializes in the history of Electronic Music. Brian lives and works in Los Angeles and is best known as co-author of the Recording the Beatles book. Brian is co-owner of CurveBender Publishing and Round and Wound, a vintage-tape transfer service. He is currently in the planning stages of a new Electronium restoration effort.

Session: Raymond Scott's Electronium: Evolution, Restoration, Reincarnation

A comprehensive overview of Scott's Electronium and the concepts and precursor inventions that resulted in this ground breaking generative instrument which, in Scott's words, "composes and performs music at the same time."

Date/Time: TBA

Bruce Black

Bruce Black

Acoustical Designer

Acoustical Designer Bruce Black has worked in live and theatrical sound, broadcast sound, live recording, and hardware sales. He has also spent 25 years in motion picture and television post production sound engineering, working for Skywalker Sound, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Sony Picture Entertainment, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, among others.

Mr. Black strives to dispel myths and misunderstandings regarding acoustics by creating high performance acoustical spaces, publishing articles and presenting papers.

Mr. Black has been published in Mix Magazine, Recording Magazine, The Editors Guild Magazine, and the Cinema Audio Society Quarterly, and has presented to the Audio Engineering Society Los Angeles Section, and the Hollywood Sapphire Group. He is a member of AES, SMPTE, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where he serves on the Theater Standards Committee. Mr. Black is also an associate member of the American Institute of Architects.

Session: Essential Elements for Music Studios

Mr. Black presents the nine components for creating truly high performance music recording and mixing spaces consistently and reliably.

Date/Time: TBA



Transparence Entertainment Group

On this powerhouse panel we have the executive team from TEG; Dennis Dreith, Chairman & Co-Founder, Shari Hoffman Co-founder & CEO and Bruce Waynne, Vice President. Despite all the available information provided by organizations involved with the collection and distribution of intellectual property rights, there is more confusion, doubt and neglect of royalties than ever before. When music is streamed, downloaded, broadcast on radio, or played live, there are royalties to be collected. Those include royalties for songwriters and publishers as well as royalties due for the actual performance in a sound recording (payable to copyright owners and performers). There are also billions in unclaimed worldwide royalties from all these sources. A substantial number of music creators have little to no information about royalties that may be due to them, and they lack access to valuable comprehensive data about how and where people are listening to their music, and they are not familiar with how royalty payments are calculated. TEG effectively tracks, collects, consolidates, and administers worldwide digital performance, audio-visual, private copy, and exclusive license royalties on behalf of recording artists, master rights owners, songwriters, publishers, independent artists, and artists who own their own master recordings. ensures the highest level of service & transparency to our clients.

Dennis Dreith is a noted film & television composer, record producer, orchestrator & conductor. Dreith served as International President of the Recording Musicians Association for 15+ years, served as a consultant and member of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Negotiating Committee, addressed the U.S. Congress House Sub-committee on Intellectual Properties and worked with Congress in support of numerous intellectual property issues. For 17 years, Dreith was the Independent Administrator of the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund and simultaneously the Executive Director of the AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund. He oversaw unparalleled growth of the Fund beginning in 1999 when he assumed its leadership with only $200,000 in revenue and no staff, to an organization with over $100M in assets. A recognized expert in entertainment and intellectual property rights matters, Dreith is a frequent university lecturer and panelist at entertainment industry events.

Shari Hoffman areas of expertise include; Neighboring Rights, Collective Management, Royalties, Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright Law, Labor Law, Contract Drafting and Administration, Union Negotiation, Research, Business Consultation, Post Supervision, Fundraising, Vocal Performance, Public Speaking, Event Planning, Marketing and Promotion, and Budgeting and Analysis. Hoffman has participated as an educator, moderator & lecturer on numerous worldwide panels & workshops for the entertainment community. Hoffman is a prolific advisor and artist advocate who strives to ensure that performers have the proper education and tools to flourish. Since 2016 Hoffman has been actively involved with the Recording Academy in their legislative initiatives to enact the Music Modernization Act.

Bruce Waynne oversees client relationships and manages the creative process. Waynne is also half of the Grammy Award Winning Production Duo MIDI Mafia, most notable for producing 50 Cent’s number-one single 21 Questions, as well as producing for artists; Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, John Legend and Fantasia, to name a few. Bruce also worked with Brandy and James Fauntleroy II, the MIDI Mafia met and began to collaborate with Frank Ocean. During this time, Frank Ocean wrote the songs, Quickly for John Legend, and Bigger & Mamma’s Boy for Justin Bieber. MIDI Mafia spearheaded the creation process for Frank Ocean’s mix tape Nostalgia Ultra, producing the song, Swim Good and collaborated extensively on Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange, producing the lead song, Bad Religion that garnered their Grammy Award. Other notable accomplishments are MIDI Mafia’s - The MADE Series. MADE is their Premiere Urban Music Library for Television & Film via MIDI Mafia’s partnership with Extreme Music and Sony ATV. It is currently the number one urban music library in the industry, providing opportunities for rising stars.

Session: Your Music, Your Money - Shedding the Light on Global Rights

This interactive & question-driven workshop will demystify the matrix of diverse royalties to help protect and monetize your performances, ensure you get your fair share, and cover need-to-know info on copyright, licensing, metadata, legislation and claiming the millions in royalties that haven't yet been claimed.

Date/Time: TBA

Cory Pesaturo

Cory Pesaturo

Accordion Music Artist

Cory “C Pez” Pesaturo, is on the absolute forefront of the accordion world and he pushes the boundaries on what is even possible with an accordion. Cory has won the trio of World Championships on Acoustic, Digital & Jazz Accordion and he is the only accordion graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. In 2017, Cory became the Guinness World Record Holder for a Marathon Accordion session, where he played for over 32 hours straight. Cory’s primary focus is how should the accordion should be; used, played, taught, and presented in modern music. He has given 2 TED Talk’s and 2 Google Talk’s on the subject and he has even developed his own electric accordion and made it with a symmetric lighting system attached to the keys.

Starting at age 12, Cory played four times at the White House for The Clinton’s and on the first occasion he became the youngest person to ever perform at a State Dinner. Cory has also appeared on; The Late Show with David Letterman when he performed with Johnny Depp’s band. He has also appeared on television programs in New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Tunisia, France, and Finland. At age 16, Cory was in a concerto competition and he performed with the Brockton Symphony Orchestra as a featured soloist. He also worked in the Jazz scene and recorded two records with saxophone legend George Garzone and his band The Fringe. At the age of 19, Cory became friends with Quincy Jones and Wynton Marsalis.

Cory is also passionate about weather reporting and motor sports. His weather reports have been featured on Accuweather.com, HurricaneCity.com, and other outlets. Cory is also known for his Free-Sledding work, including his own sledding mountain called “CN Mountain”. He has also written sports blogs for sites like The Bleacher Report and has collaborated with members of the Red Sox and the Dropkick Murphys on the Fenway 100 album released in 2012 commemorating the Centennial of when Fenway Park opened. Cory’s music has been featured on Formula 1 television broadcasts and he has an ongoing musical relationship with 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston.

Session: Revolutionizing the accordion

Going over the many possibilities with the Digiital MIDI Accordion

Date/Time: TBA